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Air pollution increases the risk of mortality from Covid-19

A research from University of Bari has finally scientifically proved what we all feared: air pollution actually increases the risk of mortality from Covid-19. The study by researchers from the University of Bari, coordinated by Prof. Piero Portincasa, published in the scientific journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research, helps to clarify the complex mechanisms that […]

Tracking climate change with “cleanest air in Europe”

A remote outpost on the rugged west coast of Ireland continues to play a key role in tracking climate change. Researchers at Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station near Carna, Co Galway monitor global atmospheric air quality, climate variables and air pollution. Dr Liz Coleman of the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway said: “In this remote […]

Scientists shocked, lightning can clean the atmosphere

Scientists are shocked to discover how much lightning can clean the atmosphere. Lightning may play a much bigger role than previously thought in a fundamental process that cleanses our atmosphere of pollutants, according to the results of a new study. An electric discovery A new research published in the journal Science suggests that electrical storms […]

Big and Small Forests to Fight Air Pollution

Green areas on our planet, especially big and small forests, are very important because they are the main and most effective way to fight air pollution, but the expansion of cities and the development of the world economy often disregards this. During the summer, we have witnessed helpless several fires around the world that have […]

#pollutionwatch: Summertime Smog and Indoor Air Quality

Every summer it’s becoming more and more important to follow news from #pollutionwatch, the Guardian’s column especially dedicated to air pollution and smog related news. This comes from that time on 26 July 1943 when, at the height of the second world war, people in Los Angeles thought they were under chemical gas attack as […]

Airlite: Word for the Future against Embodied Carbon

In this article, we want to present you Airlite, the best solution to achieve carbon neutrality and healthy buildings, both in small and big scale. Data shows in fact that Airlite is the best solution to both address embodied carbon in the building and construction sector, and indoor air quality – providing a practical and […]

Lockdown and Air Pollution Levels: Hopes and Propositions

Lockdown and the environment

During the first lockdown in Italy, quite a few journalists praised the power of mother nature in reclaiming what they thought was a forever-changed environment: without all the cars and the traffic, people could breathe cleaner air, animals started repopulating their long lost habitats, and birds’ songs could be heard once more. This general approach […]

Air Pollution and COVID-19 Infection: is there a Link?

Air pollution and Covid-19

As we discussed in our previous article, COVID-19 has become a global public health problem, arising questions about its relation to many global issues that humanity is facing these years, such as climate change and air pollution, all of which still remain under careful scrutiny from scientists all around the world. One of these important […]

NASA’s solution to Indoor Pollution: the best Air-purifying Plants for your Home

Though you wouldn’t necessarily associate NASA with indoor plants, the research institute did a study in the late ’80s on plant abilities to purify the air, to solve the indoor pollution problem and find the best air-purifying plants for our homes. Indoor air pollution What are the sources of air pollution? Most likely your first […]

The Beast of 1943: a History of Smog in Los Angeles

After talking about improvements of air quality in some cities, today we want to remember possibly one of the worst days for breathing in the world’s entire history, when on July 26, 1943 a “gas attack” hit the city of Los Angeles. 77 years later, this event is still remembered by many, and should be […]