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Study to probe link between air pollution and epilepsy

air quality and epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where people experience seizures and loss of consciousness. The Canadian researchers behind the study say epilepsy sufferers typically have issues with mental and physical health and are at a higher risk of death, so they want to understand what caused a person to develop the disorder in order to provide […]

Air pollution particles may reach fetuses in the womb, study finds

Air pollution particles may reach fetuses in the womb

We report an article by CNN by Jessie Yeung stating how air pollution particles can reach and harm fetuses in the womb. Even unborn children are directly exposed to car traffic and fuel use pollution. New evidence has been found that air pollution particles can breach a mother’s placenta and potentially reach fetuses in the womb, raising […]

Action on air pollution works but far more is needed, study shows

air pollution - solar panel

We report this article from The Guardian where studies show how effectively government actions can cut air pollution, even though toxic air still remain the first environmental health emergency in the world we all have to tackle. Government action can cut air pollution, a long-term study has shown, with early deaths linked to dirty air […]