About us

Our website is: https://airqualityalliance.com.

We at Air Quality Alliance respect and recognises the importance of your privacy and we want you to understand how we collect, use, protect and share data about you.

About us
Whenever you use our online services, cookies and other tracking technologies can be used in various ways, such as making the Airlite.com website work, to analyse traffic, or for advertisement purposes. These technologies are either used by us directly, or by our business partners, including third party service providers and advertisers we work with.

What is a cookie?
If you access or use our Services through a third-party platform or service, or click on any third-party links, the collection, use, and sharing of your data will also be subject to the privacy policies and other agreements of that third party.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed in the browser of your computer or on your mobile device. Cookies can be used to collect, store, and share data about your activities across websites, including on Airlite.com. Cookies also allow us to remember things about your visits to Airlite.com, like your preferred language, and to make the site easier to use.

We use both session cookies, which expire after a short time or when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which remain stored in your browser for a set period of time.

Next to cookies, other tracking technologies are used which are similar to cookies. These can include web beacons and tracking URLs. These technologies can be used to retrieve information from your device (such as your device type or operating system, IP address, and time of visit) or to understand from which referring website the Airlite.com is used.

How are cookies used?
We collect data when you get in touch with us about our Services by using our contact forms. To gather the data we also use tools like cookies, web beacons, analytic services and advertising providers.

Cookies are used for different purposes. For example, they allow you to be recognised as the same user across the pages of a website or between websites. The types of information that we collect through cookies include IP address, device ID, viewed pages, browser type, browsing information, operating system, internet service provider, whether you have responded to an advertisement and features used or activities engaged in within the website.

We use different cookies for different purposes:
We use technical cookies to show you our website and to make it function correctly. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly.

We use functional cookies to remember your preferences (your searches or the language you prefer, for example) and to help you to use our website efficiently and effectively. These functional cookies are not strictly necessary for the functioning of our website, but they add functionality and enhance your Airlite.com experience.

We use analytics cookies to gain insight into how our visitors use Airlite.com. This means we can find out what works and what doesn’t, optimize and improve our websites, understand the effectiveness of advertisements and communications, and ensure we continue to be interesting and relevant. The data we gather can include which web pages you have viewed, which referring/exit pages you have entered and left from, which platform type you have used, which emails you have opened and acted upon, and date and time stamp information. It also means we can use details about how you’ve interacted with the site, such as the number of clicks you make on a given page, your mouse movements and scrolling activity or the search words you use. We make use of analytics cookies as part of our online advertising campaigns to learn how users interact with our website after they have been shown an online advertisement. This may include advertisements on third-party websites.

We use third-party commercial cookies as well as our own to display personalised advertisements on our websites and on other websites. This is called “retargeting,” and it is based on browsing activities.

What are your choices?
We use your data to do things like provide, improve or update our Services, analyse how people use our Services, serve personalised advertising, and as required by law or necessary for safety and integrity.

You have a number of options to control or limit how we and our partners use cookies.

In the settings for browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you can set which cookies to accept and which to reject. Where you find these settings depends on which browser you use. Use the “Help” function in your browser to locate the settings you need.

If you choose not to accept certain technical and/or functional cookies, you may not be able to use some functions on our website.

To get information and control cookies used for tailored advertising, please send an email to : info@airqualityalliance.com 

To opt out of Google Analytics’ display advertising or customise Google Display Network ads, visit the Google Ads Settings page.

For general information about targeting cookies and how to disable them, send an email to info@airqualityalliance.com

Updates and contact info
If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, please send an email : info@airqualityalliance.com. Our Cookie Policy may also be amended from time to time. So, visit this page regularly to keep abreast of updates.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to support individuals, institutions, businesses, and communities to reduce air pollution.

Our vision is to work towards a cleaner planet where air pollution can be something of the past

Our aim is to do this through the promotion of clean air initiatives and technologies.